Ephone International EPI Life handset does ECG readings

The EPI Life handset from Ephone International is different from all of the other phones on the market, after all, even the iPhone is unable to perform ECG readings, right? What makes the EPI Life phone different from other portable ECG devices would be it sending relevant data back to Ephone’s servers instead of going straight to your doctor, where a team of cardiologists will then monitor said readings around the clock. Should they detect a hint of abnormality in the ECG, they will straight away send emergency services to wherever you are, or simply obtain priority admission for you into partner hospitals. Check out its rather impressive list of health-related features in the extended post.

  • Health suite services with Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose and Cholesterol input and monitoring
  • ECG device enables recording of heart rhythm and pattern anytime, anywhere
  • 24-hour response to ECG readings within minutes via SMS
  • Track and monitor your health profile with your virtual health records via the internet, anytime, anywhere with complete privacy and confidentiality
  • Our Global Physician Network allows you to travel with peace of mind as you travel with peace of mind as access to physicians and hospitals worldwide is only a finger touch away
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