Here comes the $37 portable computer

Spotted on eBay, this $37 smartbook has just enough power to do the most basic tasks (like booting Here comes the $37 portable computer ). It is powered by a 300Mhz ARM processor that has 128MB of RAM at its disposal – that’s less than what my Firefox is currently using with 7 tabs open (170MB). The operating system (OS) is Windows CE, so you won’t be installing any usual apps that you are familiar with in Windows. The screen’s diagonal is 7″ and that resolution is 800×480, which is on par with modern smartphones when it comes to resolution.

Overall, this is pretty much useless and I would not recommend anyone to buy one of those today, but… what if two years from now we get the equivalent of the Droid Incredible in a smartbook form factor… for $50 – would you take it then? [via, in German]

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