HP ZR30w 30-inch S-IPS LCD Monitor Boasts 1.07 Billion Colors

Bigger screens are always welcome, though we’ve got to keep in mind that size isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to a display. HP has just announced its 30-inch ZR30w S-IPS LCD display that boasts a 30-bit panel, DisplayPort connectivity, 4.1 million pixels and an amazing 1.07 billion colors. Its 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution will give you plenty of real estate space to see the numbers on your Excel sheets, which will hopefully help improve productivity. It’s geared towards business users, though at $1,299, you’ll need a rather generous boss to approve of such a display. Other features of the ZR30w include DVI-D input options and a built-in 4-port USB hub, helping you further clear the clutter of USB hubs on your desk to make way for this behemoth. Will this display be going on your shopping list anytime soon?

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