IC Social Communication Tool concept

The IC Social Communication Tool is a conceptual project by Mikael, where it will target those who want to keep in touch with the older folk in their lives without having to rely on high-end technology. This device is meant to be a dummy-proof method for electronic communication, where each purchase will require the user to enter one’s relevant personal information, where the device will then get up and about to open an e-mail account as well as other relevant accounts for social networks that the user has selected from a list beforehand. Since it hooks up to the Internet via built-in 4G connectivity, there is no need for any further home isntallation. A touchscreen interface is used for easy navigation, while physical buttons offer relevant feedback. Hopefully the integrated algorithm will be smart enough to come up with decent email addresses instead of something like ub3rg1zm0_2010@pheer.com.

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