Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance Sees 360 Degrees

With crime rates in many areas becoming a serious issue, it’s not surprising to see many folks investing in surveillance cameras. While that might be a good move, a common problem with normal surveillance cameras is that they have a limited viewing angle, and if you go for the fish-eye lens cameras, the picture is still distorted and can only provide a limited resolution. The Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance (ISIS) uses some fancy new video camera and image-stitching technology, allowing a series of individual cameras to function together, creating a video that is stitched together into a single, 360-degree high-resolution video, allowing law enforcement to zoom into a specific point of interest without losing visual contact with the rest of the scene. While photo-stitching technology has been around for a while now, the use of it to stitch a video together is rather impressive, and if you’re trying to maintain surveillance on an area, this will certainly be very useful.

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