Internet could be 1,000 times faster

Would you like to have an Internet connection that works almost instantaneously the moment you hit enter or click on “Download”? It seems that a bunch of MIT researchers recently demonstrated a method of network topology which could possibly make the Internet a hundred or thousandfold faster compared to today’s standards. This is made possible in theory by eliminating the most time-intensive part of data transmission, which in essence involves converting an optical signal into an electrical signal for memory storage. Whenever optical signals arrive on the same router simultaneously, memory storage is used, followed by the router converting such signals. The “flow switching” concept does away with the need to convert and store data by converting high-traffic corridors into unidirectional pathways. In layman’s terms, optical signals are sent in only one direction, although such findings will take a fair number of years before it has a remote chance of making it mainstream. Bah!

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