iPad 3G Shortage Due To AT&Ts New Data Plans

Seems that the demand for the iPad 3G has increased, thanks to the announcement of the new data plans that do away with unlimited data. The new plans kick in on Monday, but if you already own an iPad on an unlimited data plan before that, you’ll be able to carry on using the unlimited data plan, which is probably the reason why folks are rushing to get their hands on one. The bad news is that the device is in short supply, though it seems that AT&T has been rather understanding of the situation, allowing users to pay for the iPad before June 7th and still get hold of the previous unlimited data package, which they will then be able to continue using (and paying for). Are you one of the many folks out there scrambling to get hold of the iPad before June 7th, or do you think that 2GB worth of data a month is enough to keep your iPad happy?

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