iPhone 3G has issues with iOS 4

iPhone 3G owners might want to think twice before updating their handset with the iOS 4 release, since a bunch of users have complained that their iPhone 3G became way too slow, and that even with half of its features missing. For those who are still wondering just how bad it is, check out some of the frustrations that were voiced out are as follows :-

With my phone, typing has become nearly impossible. One of the first letters I hit pops up, but then stays stuck as I continue to type. It catches up eventually, but without the visual cues that I’m hitting the right keys, it makes typos an inevitability. Furthermore, opening very basic apps has gotten much slower, and apps crashing to the home screen is much more frequent. Merely trying to open the settings panel took me three tries right after installation, for example.

We wonder what is the reason behind releasing iOS 4 for the iPhone 3G – could it be a dastardly ploy to get existing iPhone 3G owners to upgrade to the iPhone 4?

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