Military To Embrace Augmented Reality Technology Too?

Augmented Reality (AR) is really a very amazing technology, and while we’ve been fooling around with it for fun on our mobile phones, the folks over at Tanagram Partners have been busy developing military-grade AR technology with lightweight sensors for interpreting information on hostiles during combat. An application of this would see soldiers’ helmets equipped with lightweight OLED translucent goggles, with information on the situation, such as details on other soldiers and location information, shown to the user using AR. These helmets will also be able to connect to the army’s server, allowing information on hostile scenarios to be processed, downloaded, and the info shared out to other teams. Tanagram Partners hopes that this technology will be ready to go by next year, and the customary proof-of-concept iPhone version will be available in early 2011. Seems like there is an iPhone app for everything…

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