NEC Unveils World's Brightest LED-based Projector

Think that your existing LED-based projector isn’t bright enough? NEC Display Solutions might have the answer. The company is currently exhibiting an LED-based projector that boasts a brightnessas high as 2000lm, touted as the world’s brightest LED-based projector; it uses RGB color LEDs as a light source. This projector also boasts a wide color gamut, and is capable of displaying 98 percent of the color gamut defined in the Adobe RGB standard, and NEC claims that a normal front projector is only capable of displaying slightly over 60 percent of the color gamut. The exact technology used in this projector wasn’t revealed, but the company said that the temperature control of LEDs and the adjustment of white balance were the most difficult challenges. The bad news is that NEC isn’t planning to commercialize this anytime soon, but it is planning to further increase the brightness to 3000-4000lm.

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