Nexus One turned into race car controller

The Nexus One is not just a superphone according to Google, but Grant Skinner managed to take his Nexus One and turn it into an impromptu controller for small race cars. Cars are controlled thanks to the use of its accelerometer which will control the car’s acceleration at a predetermined speed simply by tilting it at varying degrees. In a nutshell, the generic mobile client will hook up over the LAN to the desktop application, where the latter will send it a “surface” SWF that holds all of the graphics and logic for the interaction which in turn allows the host to dictate the experience. The mobile client will be able to send accelerometer data to the host that interprets the data, relaying commands in return to update the client UI. Interesting, this hack. What other innovative uses of the Nexus One or other Android-powered phones that you can think of?

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