Palm Pre overclocked to 1GHz mark

With Palm getting swallowed up by HP, that doesn’t mean the Palm community is just going to go belly up and moan on whatever remaining days their Palm devices have left. No sir, the webOS community is still alive and kicking, with the homebrew project known as Govnah 0.5 being released publicly. Just what is Govnah, you ask? This app lets you manage custom kernels that in turn will see action by overclocking the processor. The latest version supports even the Palm Pixi, and it does offer a glimmer of hope that the most basic of webOS phones will get a speed boost which is most welcome. Apart from that, the experimental series of Alpha kernels from unixpsycho and WebOS Internals will target Palm Pre owners, where the alpha build of the F105 Thunderchief kernel is said to push the Palm Pre past the fabled 1GHz mark. Install this only if you know what you’re doing, as it isn’t as simple as drag-and-drop. Too bad this improvement came a little too late into the Pre’s life cycle, otherwise it might have worked great as developers know just what the Pre is capable of beforehand. Curious folks can always check out a video of this overclocked Pre after the jump.

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