SanDisk proudly shows off new SSDs at Computex

Computex is huge in Asia, so it is no surprise to see all the big companies make a beeline to unveil new products and go ahead with new product announcements. SanDisk is one of them, where they paraded their latest range of solid state drives, with the SSD G4 leading the pack by being positioned as a notebook hard drive replacement unit. As for the SSD P4, this is an OEM offering which will offer notebook and tablet manufacturers roll out thinner hardware (we’re talking about the chassis in particular). These are fourth-generation SanDisk SSDs, offering double the capacity of their predecessors, at up to 256GB and 128GB, respectively. Both models rely on 32 nanometer, multi-level cell (MLC) technology and will come in a variety of form factors in order to cater to various notebooks and ultraportable devices. SanDisk even claims that they can customize the shape if the situation calls for it. The G4 will start from 64GB and go all the way to 256GB, offering peak 220MBps read and 160MBps write speeds, while the P4 will ship in 8GB to 128GB capacities with a mSATA mini interface. No word on pricing, but they should be out later this summer.

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