Sony Introduces The PIIQ Series Of Fashionable Headphones

Headphones don’t have to be boring and unexciting, and Sony certainly understands this as the company has announced its new PIIQ line of headphones that claim to merge quality sound with high style. Aimed at artists, skaters, street culture and folks who genuinely want something different, this line of headphones are available in five distinctive styles and price points, which include the Marqii, Giiq, Triqii, Qlasp and Exhale. The press release describes these headphones as:

Marqii – ($99.99) Build quality. Cush feel. Supreme sound. Slider stay-power—inspired by snowboard lock, fasten it tight to fit your crown. Flat detachable cord to prevent tangle and quick unplug.

Giiq – ($49.99) Hi-Fi without the heft. Flex motion cups and slick-skinned cord doesn’t crimp your style. Neodymium, the strongest permanent magnet known to humankind, delivers a crystal clear, robust sound.

Triqii – ($29.99) Wears like a favorite deck or pair. Scar-resist skin stays neat through thick and thin. With big bass boost and super sound clarity.

Qlasp – ($24.99) Lobe linger is a good thing. Crystal clear, in-ear sound. Clips on and hangs tough through all your tricks, flips and whatever.

Exhale – ($14.99) Big beat bluster in a bud body with a secret, sound-boosting motif. Only the masq knows…

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