Sony Prototypes Eye-tracking Glasses for Lifeblogging

The folks over at Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) seem to be really into lifeblogging, and after coming up with a lifeblogging device for your cat, they’ve turned their attention back to human beings. A prototype device was shown recently that can track the moment of human eyes, thanks to a camera embedded on the device, allowing you to collect a whole bunch of data related to what you’ve been checking out the whole day. The glasses can even recognize English characters, so it can note down the title of the book that you were gazing at earlier. The company is planning to integrate a GPS chip into the device to record location information, enhancing the creepiness of recording your whole life. Right now one of the main problems that the device is facing is that of a power supply, after all, you wouldn’t want a giant battery sticking out the side of your spectacles, would you?

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