Toshiba 128GB flash chips target portable devices

Toshiba has rolled out the first-ever 128GB embedded flash memory chip that relies on the 32-nanometer process when being manufactured, stacking up 16 8GB NAND layers to double its predecessor’s maximum capacity without having to put on additional thickness. Thanks to this new thinning technique, the whole design measures under 0.06″ thick. With 128GB of storage space, it ought to open up a whole new dimension for portable electronic devices, where we are talking cellphones, game consoles and portable media players – imagine holding around 16.6 hours of 1080p video on your device! Originally planned to be released by this September, full production is expected to begin from Fall onwards. This could very well usher in a whole new era of portable consumer electronics and deal a mortal blow to the hard drive business if the price is right. [Press Release]

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