TxtStopper shuts down phones in vehicle when in gear

Talking on your cell phone while driving isn’t a sign of coolness but rather one of recklessness as you can never tell when something unexpected is going to happen which might main or kill you during an accident, simply because you were too busy paying attention to the conversation on the phone instead of watching out for potentially dangerous situations on the road. TxtStopper aims to make that a thing of the past with their 12 volt device which must be installed professionally, where it will shut down all communications on any US cell phones that are operating in the car regardless of whether one is the driver or a passenger whenever the car is in gear and running. TxtStopper is offering this technological wonder for $200, but there is no concrete evidence of the TxtStopper working as intended just yet, so we’ll just have to take their word for it. This certainly won’t go down well with folks who rely on their cell phones with built-in GPS navigation systems as shutting down the handset would certainly defeat the purpose of using such a feature whenever you’re in unfamiliar territory.

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