Verizon confirms Droid Incredible to Droid X exchange

It is confirmed that Verizon Wireless will be allowing folks who placed a pre-order for the HTC Droid Incredible to change it to the Droid X the moment the latter is available over said carrier this coming July 15th, and here is what Verizon has to say about it.

The Droid Incredible by HTC, as you know, definitely lives up to its name and is a fantastic device. It has proven to be very, very popular with our customers. Should a customer who has ordered a Droid Incredible decide that the Droid X (or any other device) better meets his/her needs, he/she can take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Worry Free Guarantee and choose the Droid X when it goes on sale July 15. Customers cannot pre-order the Droid X with us.

No idea on why they do not want you to place a Droid X pre-order with them though, leaving you with little choice but to turn up at their shop on July 15th. Alternatively, Best Buy currently accepts Droid X pre-orders if you’re so inclined.

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