Allure Mobile system automates thermostat process

Having an application on your handset which is capable of controlling your home’s thermostat from afar isn’t exactly going to make the prime time news, but Allure Mobile takes things one step further by automating the entire process. By utilizing an application on your smartphone, Allure Mobile is capable of turning down your cooling or heating systems automatically the moment you move a predetermined distance from your house. Of course, the reverse happens when you’re heading back home, and through this simple but seemingly effective idea, Allure claims that you can save up to 30% in terms of energy over a standard thermostat. Sounds more like a luxury app to have than a necessity, but if you’re one who always operates around an irregular schedule or have poor memory to turn down the heater when you head out, it might be just the thing for you. Currently available for the iPhone and BlackBerry, Android owners will have to wait a little while more.

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