Amimon Demos Wireless Transmission of 3D HD Video

A company called Amimon Inc from Israel, has come up with a prototype system that is capable of transmitting 3D high-definition video using the WHDI (wireless high-definition interface) standard on the 5GHz band. In a recent demonstration, they were able to transmit 1080p 3D video over the 5GHz wireless band while maintaining a frame rate of 24fps. The system is planned to be applied to devices that can wirelessly connect to LCD TVs and Blu-ray disc recorders that will support 3D video. It’s interesting to see how it’ll perform for most users, as there are concerns about the theory that 3D video is supposedly twice as big as conventional video (since there are 2 pictures). The company has apparently already completed the reference design of a wireless adapter that can transmit 3D video, and the adapter will be released as soon as the logo for the chassis is already.

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