Consumer Reports Details Regarding iPhone 4 Removed From Apple Forums

You might have read the recent article from Consumer Reports that doesn’t recommend Apple’s iPhone 4 due to its Death Grip issues. Turns out that some folks over at Apple read it too, as the company has deleted several threads discussing the results of Consumer Reports’ tests. The forum threads were cached by Bing, so you can actually still see it online, though you won’t be able to access it via Apple’s support boards anymore. That being said, despite all the negative press that the iPhone 4 is already getting, censoring the subject on the support boards might actually have the reverse effect, as folks who notice it will likely spread the word to their friends, which could result in a rather tricky PR situation for the fruity company.

Update: The Consumer Reports thread *might* have been deleted because it is a duplicate thread. If you search for Consumer Reports on the Apple support site, you will find plenty of posts that discuss the issue. However, there are too many threads to really know what (and why) Apple has deleted.

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