eReader price war reaches $99 level

“Good Enough”: those two words terrorize every technology companies in the world. It usually means falling margins, but also the possible mass adoption of a class of products. Copia (a DMC Worldwide company) is readying a $99 5″ eReader that will compete with the Kindle, Nook and other (bigger, in size) electronic readers. With this pricing, they’ve reached a new (low) level in the eReader price war.

In addition of the hardware itself, Copia is trying to differentiate itself via its platform, which relies heavily on a social aspect: users can access their Twitter and Facebook feeds, and also share their thoughts on those social networks, without having to use the websites.

In short, we’ve pretty much reached the point where the technology behind eReader (display, processors, OS) is “good enough”, so expect equipment makers to fight on prices (devices+books), platform and possibly on differentiators like social networking (but that’s easy to do/reproduce). The iPad pretty much puts a ceiling on eReaders prices and we’re currently looking for a bottom. Expect the average price to continue falling. Head to Copia, or read more eBook stories.

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