South Korean robotics company Future Robot recently released their latest restaurant service robot known as FURO (Future Robot), where it is touted to be able to express “attractive” human emotions. While that may be true, we think that the design surely has a long way to go since it does give people the creeps at the moment no thanks to a rather disjointed look. If you look carefuly, it does seem as though a woman’s head was actually transplanted over onto a robot’s body. If we were to look beyond its looks (or rather, the lack of it), this model comes with a variety of sensors which are used to detect when a person approaches and for obstacle avoidance. Meant to take orders with nothing but a smile, it sports a large adjustable touchscreen display for the customer to pick and choose just what they would want to fill their stomachs with, while payment is made on the spot via a credit card swipe.

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