Google Chrome 6 Browser To Get Extensions Sync And Other Features

Fans of Google’s Chrome browser should be happy to hear that the next version of the browser, Chrome 6, will be the first release to sync both extensions and also browser history, as the browser currently only offers synchronized bookmarks. The new version of the browser should also make better use of multi-core processors, and will resample non-native image sizes in the background while rendering the rest of the page. The bad news is that some anticipated features will have to be postponed to Chrome 7, such as side tabs. Native Client mode, which would allow native apps to run safely within the browser itself will only be an option with a command-line code, but also won’t be publicly available until Chrome 7. Surprisingly, full-screen HTML5 video and a print preview for Linux and Mac users also won’t be available initially, though hopefully Google won’t be holding back on that for too long. A specific release date for Chrome 6 hasn’t been announced yet, but we are looking forward to it.

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