HP Slate 500 Appears on HPs website

There is some confusion has of when the HP slate will come out, and whether or not there will be a Web OS version, but a page on the HP website shows the HP Slate 500 (version 1002tu). It runs on Windows 7 and according to HP ” gives you access to photos, videos and everything on the Internet with just a touch,”.

It has things that the iPad doesn’t, like: dual cameras (front/back) and Flash compatibility. Both are quite significant advantages, even if we think that the next iPad will have one or two cameras as well. Because it runs on Windows 7, the HP Slate is compatible with all the software that you know and possibly own (for PC folks). The iPad still has the advantage of being available and well alive. So – are you excited by the HP Slate 500? I think that it could be really cool *IF* HP gets the battery life right (7-10hrs). More HP Slate specs

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