Ingenious Audio iTraveler loudspeaker system

Do you happen to listen to music wherever you go, and have tracks that you wish you could share with whoever is around you at that very time, but your device lacks external speakers to do so? With the Ingenious Audio iTraveler loudspeaker system, doing so can now be a reality since it comprises of a couple of powered stereo speakers that are touted to deliver amazing sound quality. These components comprise of powerful neodymium magnets drivers which have been equalized, offering an extremely flat frequency response that your discerning ears will appreciate. A NiMh rechargeable battery system is said to provide up to 12 hours of playback, and if the situation arises, you can always split both speakers to suit your convenience. Retailing for 249 Euros a pop, you might want to check this out if music playback in public is your cup of tea while you break a dance.

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