iPhone Coming To T Mobile USA In Q3?

Rumors of Apple’s iPhone arriving at other carriers have been going around for some time, with most of the speculation hinting at a Verizon iPhone. But now the latest rumor is that T-Mobile is very close to getting the iPhone in the fall, ending the exclusivity deal that Apple has with AT&T. According to the leak, the deal is at an advanced stage, and it is 80 percent likely that the popular phone will be hitting T-Mobile in Q3.

While most folks would think that Verizon is the juicier prospect with 92.8 million subscribers, while T-Mobile boasts “just” 33.7 million subscribers, it’s worth remembering that Verizon’s network is a CDMA one, which would make adapting the iPhone a trickier process, instead of sticking with the GSM network of T-Mobile. Let’s not forget that Verizon also heavily promotes Android-powered phones such as the Droid Incredible and Droid X, which does tend to result in it taking pot shots at the iPhone.

Word is also going around that Deutsche Telekom’s CEO himself has been quoted as saying that T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone, which does give T-Mobile iPhone fans out there quite a bit of hope.

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