Microsoft Files For Virtual Page Curling Feature

It seems that almost anything can be patented nowadays, and a patent application by Microsoft has surfaced, showing the details of a page curl feature that is very noticeably used on Apple’s iBooks app. The patent could probably have been meant for Microsoft’s shelved Courier project, but if the software giant were to be granted this patent, it could possibly mean that it could potentially grab a slice of Apple’s iBook pie, so you can bet that this is something the folks over at Apple are keeping an eye on. The patent filing reads:

“One or more pages are displayed on a touch display. A page-turning gesture directed to a displayed page is recognized. Responsive to such recognition, a virtual page turn is displayed on the touch display. The virtual page turn actively follows the page-turning gesture. The virtual page turn curls a lifted portion of the page to progressively reveal a back side of the page while progressively revealing a front side of a subsequent page. A lifted portion of the page is given an increased transparency that allows the back side of the page to be viewed through the front side of the page. A page-flipping gesture quickly flips two or more pages.”

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