Motorola Droid And Devour Nearing End Of Life

When it comes to Verizon and Motorola, the news is currently all about the freshly released Droid X, but what about folks who might still be thinking of the original Droid and the Motorola Devour? A leaked picture seems to indicate that both devices have fallen into the End of Life (EOL) list at Verizon, along with devices such as the Gateway LT2016U, Nokia 7705 Twist, BlackBerry 9630, Samsung, U310, U350, U450, and I770. Of course, with the Droid X here, and the Droid 2 on its way, the older devices will have to make way. But, if you don’t mind getting an older device, Verizon is currently offering the Motorola Droid at $149, buy one get one free, which isn’t too bad a deal, assuming you’re not looking forward to the Droid 2.

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