Musician MID dons the dual boot hat

Check out the Musician Mobile Internet Device (MID) which is full well capable of dual booting in either Android 2.1 or WinCE 6.0, although we’re pretty sure that many people will opt for the former since it is by far the more popular choice these days. Hailing from China, the Musician does live up to its name as it handles MP3 playback, but apart from that is not capable of creating wistful tunes for the battered soul. Aluminum bodies being the in thing these days, the Musician too takes this route, featuring a 7″ touchscreen display with multi-touch support, a choice of WVGA (800×480) and WXGA (1280×768) resolutions, a 720MHz ARM11 Telechips 8902B processor, a separate 3D graphics GPU (neat!), 256MB RAM, up to 32GB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS navigation support, a 3-axis accelerometer and a front facing webcam. Seems to be a full-fledged mobile powerhouse, although we would have liked to see them throw in more RAM. Apart from that, the tablet’s 3D GPU makes it possible to handle full HD 1080p video playback, and with the inclusion of an HDMI output you can always enjoy those videos on a large screen TV. We do hope this skips its way into the FCC’s halls.

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