Nissan Backup Collision Intervention system for easier parking

Nissan’s latest Backup Collision Intervention (BCI) system will make it easier for drivers to back out of a parking lot, especially when there is another vehicle approaching it from the side. The system will then stop the car to prevent any unwanted collusion. 24GHz radars are installed on the right and left rear sides of the car, which will be used to detect an approaching vehicle from the side. It has a detection range of 20m for each side, with an allowance of 2m for the rear side. Whenever an approaching vehicle is detected, the system will make sure the driver is alerted with beeps and a blinking lamp, while generating braking force for each of the wheels thanks to ESC (electronic stability control) to prevent the driver’s vehicle from moving further within two to three seconds. There is no word on when Nissan will commercialize the BCI system, but it is a simple matter of just adding software to a BSI-equipped vehicle.

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