NVIDIA QuadroPlex 7000 DHIC features 1792 cores

NVIDIA has just announced its new generation of Quadro graphics cards at SIGGRAPH, in Los Angeles. The new cards bring performance improvements as high as 5X for complex geometry, or 3X in the Viewperf benchmark, according to NVIDIA. This time, the new Quadro family, named Quadro 4000, 5000, 6000 and QuadroPlex 7000 offers a wide range of performance. The Quadro 4000 has 256 cores, while the Quadro 7000 with DHIC has 1972 cores (and 24GB of memory!) working for you. This is quite a beast.

Quadros drive ultra-high resolution graphics, but they can also be used for high-performance computing traditionally done by CPUs, like global illumination (an ultra-realistic lighting method) – which can be made to be interactive with that many cores. With this type of scalability, NVIDIA can reach pretty much every part of the workstation market, and even expand it. For more information,go to the Quadro homepage.

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