Webcam gets wide angle lens

Let’s face it – a webcam isn’t something that we would use to capture high quality photos that you want to make a large print of, unless you’re really desperate. After all, it is meant for just casual video calls over the Internet and nothing more, but what happens when you want to cram in as many people as possible, especially in a scenario where you want to wish a close relative who is living a couple of continents and 10 time zones away from your huge family? A normal webcam can’t squeeze in everyone, and wide angle lens for a webcam is virtually unheard of – not until you literally take things into your own hands, that is. Check out the instructions on replacing the lens of a regular webcam with a cheap wide angle one for a superior video chatting session. The wide angle lens used in this project cost just $6, although it didn’t really fit in nicely hence requiring moving the socket slightly farther away from the circuit board. You’ll need to be fairly proficient in DIY projects if you want to have a crack at this project though.

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