Wi Fi repeater powered by wind turbine

Staying in remote areas might probably mean not having access to electricity round the clock, which is why Dan Lampie and David Brenner from the Rochester Institute of Technology came up with this wind turbine which is capable of generating enough juice to power a Wi-Fi Repeater, increasing your chances of staying connected to the Internet even when the sun has gone down (without having to rely on solar power entirely). Here’s what they have to say about their work.

“The power meter works by reading the amount of current flowing into the batteries from the turbine on a continuous basis. This is achieved using a Hall-Effect current sensor that can read up to 30A, which is much more than what the turbine is capable of. We utilized two Linksys WRT54G routers running the DD-WRT firmware to achieve Internet connectivity. One router was located on the second floor of an RIT building .33 miles away from the communication node. The router in the office was connected to the Internet and used a 8dBi external omni directional antenna to broadcast the signal. The communication node’s router used a 19dBi parabolic directional antenna pointed at the router in the building.”

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