Air conditioner hacked, is network enabled

For those living in the northern hemisphere, things can get pretty hot and sweaty during summer. This is where the magic of air conditioners come in, giving you a nice, cool feeling despite the sweltering heat on the outside. This window air conditioner was hacked to feature network connectivity, where it will be connected via a CAT5 cable (not seen here as it has been cleverly stashed away), extending the up and down button connections for the unit to an external relay board. It will then rely on an SNMP board to have it hook up to the network, where PHP commands issued will reset the temperature. Since the unit has a working range of 66 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, one cycles through a range of button presses to achieve either the maximum or minimum level, followed by setting the desired temperature then. Fancy, but we prefer our remote controls, thank you very much.

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