AMD Gets Rid of ATI Branding

Chipmaker AMD is rebranding itself and will be eliminating the ATI mark from its graphics chip moving forward. The plan is to switch “ATI Radeon” and “ATI FirePro” with “Radeon” and “FirePro” and add AMD’s logos to the chip designs. According to the company, awareness of the AMD brand is higher than the ATI brand, and ATI is outgrowing its competitors having surpassed rival NVIDIA in the number of discrete GPUs shipped.

A major impetus behind the new rebranding could be that AMD is hoping to create an integrated microprocessor where the CPU and GPU is merged; having two brands there may cause some consumer confusion and so AMD may be opting to just go with one brand. The first of the CPU-GPU merger will be known as the AMD Ontario, and will be available soon.

Existing ATI products will not be renamed to AMD branding; instead, new graphics products will be getting the AMD mark next year.

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