Apple Already Uses Liquidmetal In Its SIM Ejector Tool

Apple Already Uses Liquidmetal In Its SIM Ejector Tool

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that Apple recently licensed some alloy technology from Liquidmetal, and now folks have found out what Apple was using the Liquidmetal for. In case you were wondering, it seems that the iPhone’s SIM ejector tool that ships with some iPhones are made from Liquidmetal’s materials, and Atakan Peker, the alloy’s co-inventor, has confirmed that the SIM ejector tool is indeed made from Liquidmetal. In case you’ve been fiddling with it, you’ll notice that the SIM ejector tool is strong and inflexible, which are some of the characteristics of Liquidmetal. That being said, European models of the iPhone just sport the ordinary steel pins that aren’t made from Liquidmetal and apparently can be bent rather easily. Let’s see what other uses Apple has for the alloy.

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