Apple could roll out a couple more MacBook Air models

Apple is certainly not going to rest on its laurels when it comes to computer sales, and word on the street has it that another two models are being prepped as we speak, shipping later this September in numbers that will dwarf the current MacBook Air. As for its pricing, speculation persists that it will be much less than what Apple has slated its MacBook Air (as seen above) for currently. It might seem unthinkable to some, but the new MacBook Air models, if they ever roll out, could very well target the mainstream notebook market, which would see its 13.3″ display being shrunk down to 11.6″, while relying on Intel’s newer ultra-low voltage Core iX processors. While that might mean a drop in processing power, at least it is affordable enough to go head-to-head (theoretically speaking, of course) against other mainstream models and brands such as the Acer TimelineX. Will Apple retain its NVIDIA graphics chipset? Perhaps, but let us wait and see what will transpire.

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