Apple to video stream its Sept 1 event, live

Tomorrow, at 10am PT, Apple will broadcast a live video stream of its “special event” held in downtown San Francisco. The broadcast will be hosted at

There’s one caveat: it will *only work on Mac OS 10.6 or iOS 3.0+*. Yes, you read that right, if you have a Windows or Linux system, you’re out of the party and can just wait for the processed video file to be available, usually later in the afternoon.

Some say that Apple want take direct control of what the audience will be looking at, especially since it hit a snafu during the iPhone 4 launch where the demo phone refused to connect to WIFI, due to interferences from everyone using WIFI in the room (it worked for everyone else, btw). The idea might also be that with the live video streaming, less attendees would be enticed to use their own wireless internet connection to begin with. Of course, if something goes wrong, even more people will see it live – that might become a double-edge sword. Still, Apple would be in the first line to handle damage-control instead on forgiving reporters. Information is power. [Apple PR]

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