Apples iPad Corporate Configuration Policy Mentions The Possibility Of A Camera

Rumor has been going around for some time that the next-generation iPad would sport a built-in camera, and now folks have discovered that the reference documents for the iPad’s enterprise management tools have some hints of a camera for the iPad. From the documentation, IT departments will be able to restrict various features of the device, such as Safari or iTunes access, or even the amount of times a login can be tried before a unit is wiped, and finally there is also an option to restrict camera use. The current iPad obviously doesn’t have a camera, though the documentation could be a simple slip-up of a copy/paste job from an iPhone documentation. Still, considering how much folks have been asking for a camera module for the iPad, and with the introduction of FaceTime video chat, it does seem like the logical thing for Apple to include a camera module in the next-generation iPad.

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