Arctic Drifter science lab gathers data as it travels

Arctic Drifter science lab gathers data as it travels

They say that a rolling stone gathers no moss, but here is a variation on that proverb – we’re talking about the Arctic Drifter science lab that comes in a large ball form factor, where it will blow across the vast arctic regions of the globe while gathering essential data using its integrated sensors while at it. Thanks to the idea from New York based Studio Les Bêtes, the Arctic Drifter will be cushioned by huge inflatable bags which transforms it into a 50-ft diameter ball, protecting the science lab which has been suspended within. Should the boffins inside decide to stop at a particular place, all they need to do is deflate enough bags to form a flat spot, and the bag will remain “anchored” so to speak. You won’t roll around inside as though you’re zorbing though, as the lab itself has been constructed within a gimbal that helps keep it upright all the time, while a roll cage will ensure the lab remains protected just in case there is a collision. Will it roll over polar bears by accident if this concept actually comes to life?

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