AT&T Supports Verizon Wireless, Google Net Neutrality Proposal

While Google and Verizon Wireless have been under fire by critics of the duo’s proposed net neutrality policies, landline and wireless rival AT&T is in support of the proposal with Mobility division CEO Ralph de la Vega saying, “If Google and Verizon can come together with a joint framework then it will be a good framework for the legislature to use.” Under the Verizon-Google proposal, three tiers of Internet would be created–a neutral, unrestricted one like what we’re used to today; a second tier for augmented services, like medical services, which would be a private network; and a third, restricted tier for wireless broadband, like 3G and 4G services from mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless. The last tier may be subjected to carrier policies rather than net neutrality rules. According to AT&T’s de la Vega, the FCC should not be regulating net neutrality as this would be an area under legislative domain; he says that Congress should be drawing up plans.

In short, AT&T Wireless supports the regulation because it doesn’t regulate them. Nice.

If you’re not familiar with Net Neutrality, head to our previous post.

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