BeamAtic Premium headlights might be the next big thing

Headlight technnology hasn’t really improved in quantum leaps and bounds over the years, but the BeamAtic Premium head lights from Ichikoh Industries might just shake things up in an interesting manner. Being developed under France’s Valeo SA, these headlights will rely on an on-board camera and selected image processing software which is capable of tracking oncoming vehicles, while featuring several movable dousers attached to the headlights to deflect light so that it will not bother others who share the road with you. Basically, to put it in layman’s terms, you can drive with your high beams at all times without feeling as though you were blinding oncoming traffic. Those living in Japan will be able to get these new headlights installed from next month onwards, and Valeo SA is already cozying up to several Japanese automakers in order to have them included as a factory-installed option.

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