BlackBerry BlackPad could retail for $499

Quanta Computer, a notebook manufacturer from Taiwan, is slated to handle the upcoming tablet device from Research In Motion (RIM), dubbed the BlackBerry BlackPad at the moment. Apparently, this Android-powered device is slated to launch when November 2010 rolls around, at least that is what Chinese-language Apply Daily reports. The BlackPad will handle both Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi connectivity to keep up with the times, and you will also have the added advantage of a 3G connection if it is hooked up through a BlackBerry smartphone. Orders will begin shipping from September onwards, with volume tipped to touch 2 million units this year and quadruple that amount in 2011. As for its price, right now $499 is the figure being bandied about, but it is far from the finished article until an official announcement or juicy leak comes about. We just hope that it will have a back end support that is on par with the iPad or Kindle at least to make some headway in the growing tablet market.

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