Bus stop concept aims to improve Peruvian public transport

Bus stop concept aims to improve Peruvian public transport

This conceptual bus stop design by Beatriz Cockburn is pretty interesting should it actually be integrated into the local public transport system in Peru because it is capable of displaying the latest route schedules for buses in order to keep regulars as well as tourists updated. Commissioned by Peruvian national transport company TU colibri, this modular bus stop will come with an intuitive color identification system which is capable of recognizing buses easily. Color codes come in the form of changeable translucent color rings which makes it a snap to detect buses as well as catering to foreigners who might not be too well versed in the local lingo. The touch sensitive block will show off route and time statistics, with LED lights indicating changed route information. Solar panels on its roof will be its primary source of renewable energy to further make this a sustainable building.

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