Catalyst 10.8 leaks out Southern Islands codenames

The latest Catalyst iteration (10.8) from ATi has made it known to everyone on a new range of Southern Islands codenames, with 35 new cards being named in total under the atiicdxx.da_ file. Of course, having the name is nice and all, but what we would really love to see would be its specifications, but nary a glimpse of it can be found. Apparently, there will be 11 Cayman cards coming our way, where it ought to be the successor of the HD 5800 series, and ATi does seem to place plenty of hopes on it with a total of 4 different chips and 11 SKUs. As for Blackomb and Barts, they should debut in four iterations each. Apart from those mentioned, four Whistler cards and three cards based on the Turks core should see the Redwoon HD 5600 cards off. How will NVIDIA respond with ATi’s latest upcoming onslaught?

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