Concept: Tree Planting Robot Keeps Our Earth Green

If watching movies such as The Matrix or Terminator has taught anything, it’s probably that robots might not be too interested in protecting the environment (and humankind), but the Tree Planting Robot concept design is quite the opposite, as it’s designed to help with reforestation projects. This robot is capable of carrying 320 seedlings at one go, and each seed is planted with a biodegradable plastic protective barrier, protecting it from bugs until it’s old enough to fend for itself. It’s capable of treading lightly in order to not have a negative impact on the plants and animals that it’ll have to pass by in order to get the job done. When needed, it can use hot steam to destroy competing vegetation, such as choking vines that can affect other plants. The robot is also capable of planting in patterns, so a virtual forest can be planned beforehand and programmed for the robot to carry out.

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