Duravit SensoWash offers luxury for your bum

The Duravit SensoWash is one luxurious piece of toilet equipment if you’re feeling a little bit flush (pun not intended). After all, it was designed by Philippe Starck, so you can be sure that it at least has some form of quality to it. The SensoWash is actually a new style shower-toilet which will bring together a toilet and bidet, and ought to see action for newer apartments these days that come with minimalistic bathrooms. This ergonomic commode is for the lazy as it comes with a self-closing lid – guys take note: women hate the lid being left up once you’re done with the toilet, so this could be a lifesaver for your marriage! Apart from that, the SensoWash has wash and dry settings, an infrared sensor and integrated seat heating. Heck, it can even be illuminated for use in the dark, although we’re sure turning on the bathroom lights is a safer option. Do you like a clean butt?

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