Eye of Sauron? Not quite says Disney

Siggraph, the annual conference for graphics geeks, concluded just last week, where among the “attractions” was an animatronic eye which moves in a rather lifelike manner, and is full well capable of making eye contact as well as track those who pass by. Good thing it isn’t able to stare back at your through a palantir, but that’s something only Lord of the Rings fans will appreciate. The main idea behind this seemingly all-seeing eye would be to have it see as well as move as smoothly and fluidly as the human eye. The eye itself comes with a transparent-plastic inner sphere, featuring a set of magnets around it. It has been painted to look just like a regular human eye, and has fluid that is suspended in a transparent outer shell to look all the more realistic. Electromagnets on the outside will enable the eye to move accordingly in a natural manner. Could this be a predecessor to a more lifelike prosthetic eye?

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