Glowing Bath changes colors according to tunes played

The Glowing Bath by budding designer Melissa Sopel is a pretty looking concept, where it will deliver soothing colors in your bathroom, where its hues of orange, blue, pink, red and fluorescent white will bring a sense of relaxation after a particularly long, hard day at work. It comes with a control panel which can be used to turn on the bath as well as its illumination. Just in case you’re undecided on that particular day as to what color you want to drench yourself in, just plug in your iPod or compatible MP3 player and let the songs’ rhythms dictate the color change. Of course, we would highly recommend you getting a waterproof case for whatever music playback device of your choice just in case an accident happens. All color-changing LEDs are located at the base of the bathtub, where they will illuminate the translucent acrylic shell. Will someone manufacture this already?

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